• EASA/CAA Part 145 approved maintenance + CAA M3 for Annex II aircraft;
• EASA/CAA Part M Subparts G & I approved CAMO.
• FAA IA Inspector on staff for your N-registered aircraft.
• Fully equipped engineering facility
• Twin and single engined pressurized & unpressurized
• CAA, FAA and European registered aircraft
• Routine scheduled maintenance work
• Defect troubleshooting and rectification

Engine replacements
• Import and export certification
• Aircraft pre-purchase surveys

• Annual avionics inspection
  Avionics troubleshooting and repair
• Accident recovery and repair
• Airframe repair work
• Aircraft rebuild or refurbish
• Approved aircraft welding
• Compass swing facility
• Magneto 500 hour inspections
   Aircraft reweighing & Weight Schedule production

Engineering at EAE