Eastern Air Executive Ltd

Paint Department Facilities

• Single and Small Twin Engine aircraft resprays
- Bare metal stripping
- Full preparation
- Surface priming
- Choice of paint finish, with full design facility

• Aircraft interior refurbish
- Upholstery
- Interior wall and roof panels
- Interior carpeting

The external appearance of an aircraft can reinforce confidence in an aircraft and also increase an aircraft’s re-sale value. Whilst most aircraft have a long life, the rigors of weather and general usage inflict deterioration on the external finish.

Eastern Air Executive Ltd can provide a package of refurbishment for you, carried out in full compliance with the requirements of  CAP747 GR 10. Additional engineering work can be carried out at the same time, for example, an Annual inspection. All the work would be carried out by the same company in the one location, cutting down on time, travel, and paperwork.

The refurbishment of aircraft is a skilled and complicated process. Our custom built facility at Sturgate  can accomodate all single engined light aircraft and most small twin engined. We are able to offer a design to suit your choice and needs, however large or small the project, whether private or fleet aircraft.

On arrival a visual inspection for damage is carried out and the owner is informed immediately if any is apparent.
All flying controls are removed, along with composite panels (if possible). All windows and remaining composite panels are fully masked with aluminium foil, and all apertures sealed.
Old paint is then removed with Dasic D23V phenolic paint stripper. A high pressure steam washer is used to remove all paint and stripper residue. The whole aircraft and controls are then scotch brited down using clear thinners on aluminium skin. All composite panels are carefully prepared.
The aircraft is then inspected for corrosion by a licensed engineer and any found at this time is removed, 10 hours of corrosion removal being included in the price for respray.
The aircraft is transferred to the spray bay where the controls are mounted on purpose built stands and the whole aircraft is cleaned using CN44 cleaner.
Windows, static vents, pilot head, stall warning, lights and undercarriage are paper masked.
Surface dust is removed by Tak cloth and then a single coat of P99 etch primer is applied. The aircraft and controls are Tak Clothed down and a single coat of PAC 33 chromate free primer is applied. The aircraft and controls are wet flatted down with 600 abrasive paper to remove any imperfections prior to applying the top coat.
CA40000 Polyurethane top coats (up to three colours are included in the price) are applied to the aircraft and controls. When this has cured the registration and scheme are fine lined with tape. The aircraft is then masked and colours are applied.
The aircraft and controls are demasked and transferred to the maintenance hangar for controls to be balanced and refitted to the aircraft.  Mandatory markings are applied, and independent inspections of the disturbed flying controls are carried out.
The aircraft can be reweighed and a new Mass and Centre of Gravity Schedule prepared; this is an ideal opportunity, and strongly recommended.